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Monday, January 17, 2011

Mig33 Messenger v4.3.0.1 (cracked)

Mig33messenger is mig33 chat application that can run on computers under windows.

Mig33messenger allows us to do a chat by our friends in mig33, with the various features available mig33messenger a pc application that much in demand by users of mig33.

* Multi / Single Window
* Application lighter
* Ease of sharing photos with features "drag and drop"
* Icon which makes the display more interesting mig33messenger
* Multyple IM (yahoo messenger, gtalk, AIM, facebook, msn, twitter)
* Etc.



Do the following steps to Make it work:

Use Mig33 Tools in Windows 7 :

Follow the Steps:
1. Install first using Installer mig33 messenger v4.3.exe
2. Replace the original executable file in C:\Program Files\mig33messenger4.3 with the cracked version mig33messenger.exe
3. Run the tool
4. Submit Activation code and License code
5. Activation code : rlF59lZWDQsB3yInGhob4TU68Fw=
6. License code : 33-43-D5-04-D3-B7-77
7. Login Using these...
8. Username : wacup
9. Password : AREMA JANCOK

Change Compatibility Mode in XP & Windwos 7:
1. Right Click on mig33messenger4.3
2. Go Properties
3. Select Compatibility
4. Compatibility Mode > Select Run this program in compatibility mode for:
5. Select Windows XP (service pack 2), Click Apply & Then OK

* Try with different compatibility modes like windows server 2003, windows 2000 etc.


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