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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Master

features :

1. 25 set save multy
2. keep alive
3. same time you can login 2 set multy
4. login array
5. Block and mute option (for both sets)
6. Touch kick (for both sets)
7. manual kick (for both sets)
8. auto counting flood(for both sets)
9. 2 typs of auto emoticons changer flood(for both sets)
10. 2 typs of dc code flood(for both sets)
11. auto flood(for both sets)
12. manual flood(for both sets)
13.super fast auto entry(for both sets)
14. auto get list
15. check balance(for both sets)
16. multy chat option(for set 1)
17. Flood delay control
18. set changer (invisible entry)

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